Speaking with James Clay

A few weeks ago James Clay and I spoke about the recent release of some e-learning related documents, most of which I wrote. He recorded the conversation as part of his “e-learning stuff podcast”.

Hear me in episode #61 talk about the relationship technology and  pedagogy, mobile learning and a host of other “stuff”.

Thank you James.

Just the two of us

In episode #21 of the excellent Big Web Show, Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman interview each other.

Both of these guys have been inspirational to me for years and it is good to hear them talk about their careers. Also the idea of interviewing each other is a nice one (normally they interview other folk in the web industry).

If you are looking for a new podcast show that covers a wide range of topics and people then look no further.


A web service that allows you to quickly knock together a site for your upcoming events without much hassle. Currently in a limited testing phase that I have been happy to test and give my two pennies to.

My first impressions are nothing but positive – quick, easy and one assumes affordable (?!) service that covers all of the essentials for those on a budget and/or limited resources who don’t need a complicated bespoke event site. I managed to build an event site in minutes.

I identified some initial niggles which I have fed back to the team which I am sure were already on their list.

I look forward to the upcoming updates and then the launch which can’t be far away.

Visit Eventstreamsapp