Week 52 at work

This week marks the end of my first year in my role and the start of the next year! This week I got up to:

  • agreed in principle that phase two of the website project should focus on our education offer and sat with fffunction so that we can get an estimate
  • attended a half day workshop on online shopping platform Shopify which I wrote about earlier
  • set out a new workflow for internal requests for design work and immediately got swamped with requests
  • Met with a Microsoft researcher and University students about working together on an interesting prototype
  • Attended a half day workshop hosted by HLF and National Archives about digital and archives!
  • Heard that we have been successful in our Nesta RnD fund for the arts project with aardman and the University of Bristol!
  • Took Friday off

I need to write an end of year wrap up…

Introducing shopify

At work I’m currently working on delivering a project to offer online shopping to the public. So 2005 I know but better late than never. In the web world Shopify rings bells so I figured it was a safe bet to experiment for us. One of my favourite companies abookapart uses shopify and having been on the customer stand I feel happy with the platform.

I’ve just attended a half day workshop led by Keir Whitaker from Shopify which was an introduction to the platform with time to have a little dig under the hood. The session gave me the confidence that shopify should meet our immediate needs and longer term needs. The point of sale (POS) rollout in 6-12months is also pretty exciting. I made a few notes:

  • Shopify is a theme based e-commerce hosted platform
  • you can try out the partnership platform for testing out the entire process and flow for internal stakeholders
  • uses an open source template language called liquid
  • at present over 110,000 stores
  • Shopify uses stripe to handle payments but accepts many other gateways
  • examples of great shops included – United pixel workersGreats brandHerb Lester
  • essential cheatsheet for code snippets
  • you can use www.fetchapp.com for handling digital products
  • there are new EU rules coming into force in 2015 that need exploring around item returns and digital downloads from 2015
  • if you’re a mac user like me you can use their free desktop app to edit themes on your computer
  • get used to making shudder for, else, if statements
  • one product can have multiple variates e.g. a product is a t-shirt but the sizes are variates
  • building a theme consists of HTML, CSS,  javascript and the liquid template language
  • uses five folders (assets, config, layout, snippets, templates) and 11 core files.
  • #shopifyu

I’ll let you know how we get on in July!

Week 51 at work

This week i’ve been up to:

  • Shorter week due to being at the Le Mans 24 race in France
  • Shut down over 200 web pages which were scattered across the retired mshed.org website and Bristol City Council pages
  • Set up 301 redirects which are critical to help Google know we’ve moved the content. Where possible I have mapped old URLs to their new home
  • Met with Bristol Record Office to review their web section
  • Went on a fact finding mission to see how we can improve our performance data gathering
  • Enjoyed being part of the IT Desktop user group giving feedback about what needs to improve: start up and shut down speed, unrestricted web access and skype!
  • Carried out my final team members six month review
  • Improved the staff ebook I released last month
  • Sent the director my draft plans for the next few months: interpretation, website phase two and more!
  • Spent a lot of my time with my head in the GDS measurement guidance and coming up with key performance indicators based on our Council and Arts Council measurements
  • Agreed to start a ‘behind the scenes’ breakfast instagram and blogger tour of the sites
  • Chopped it up with Sarah Saunders about images, metadata and engagement

Week 50 at work

I’ve taken the second half of this week off to enjoy the Le Mans 24 hour race in France. But I managed to:

  • Setup 301 redirects for mashed.org for next week
  • Respond to an foi request 
  • Agree July as our launch for an online shop
  • Finish our end of year report 
  • Suggest my workplan for the next few months 
  • Tinker with my process for getting stuff done 
  • Clean up our public digital roadmap on trello 
  • Review and improve our seo efforts with the new website 




Week 49 at work

This week I have been:

  • Doing the six month PMDS for all the team – review of last six months and looking ahead to the next 12 months
  • Doing the Arts Council end of year return
  • Handover with fffunction for phase one of the website project
  • Checking the M Shed kiosk move is working to plan
  • Met with the BBC to discuss how we can support one of their community projects around ‘Bristol sounds’
  • Welcoming Ray Barnett to twitter
  • Had our first staff meeting with the new teams that are now being rolled into the service, we have expanded to include events, film and festival teams
  • Chopped it up with Phil about what my team could do to support the public programme team
  • Explained to conservation what types of blgo post i’d love from them
  • Met with the central comms manager to agree how to reduce our presence of their main website
  • Fired the starter gun on the learning team using mailchimp for their teachers newsletter
  • Got to sit with our IT account manager to agree how we can best work together to ensure both sides have a happy marriage!
  • Decided that we should implement the use of tablets for getting visitor feedback
  • Penciled an outline of my work plan for the next 6-12 months which involved a few surprises