The Design Lesson: 1 of 1

For every element that is not amongst the raw content and that you decide to include in the design, ask yourself: what is its purpose? What is this element representative of and how does that enhance the content, the context, or the message?

Andy Rutledge, The Design Lesson: 1 of 1


A web service that allows you to quickly knock together a site for your upcoming events without much hassle. Currently in a limited testing phase that I have been happy to test and give my two pennies to.

My first impressions are nothing but positive – quick, easy and one assumes affordable (?!) service that covers all of the essentials for those on a budget and/or limited resources who don’t need a complicated bespoke event site. I managed to build an event site in minutes.

I identified some initial niggles which I have fed back to the team which I am sure were already on their list.

I look forward to the upcoming updates and then the launch which can’t be far away.

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