Fraser Speirs: Thoughts on Amazon Whispercast

Recently Amazon announced – in the US only, naturally – Whispercast. Whispercast is an online tool that Amazon is marketing as a method of deploying Kindles in your school or business. Given my long-standing wish for a way to deploy electronic books to devices in a way that isn’t astronomically expensive or entirely crazy-making, I was naturally interested.

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Comments from blogs in an ebook

I have just begun work on making an ebook using a blog as the source material. Almost immediately I stumbled across my first problem – how should I include blog comments and the related tags/categories?

My first thought is to simply include any comments at the end of the blog post (chapter) with a link to the original post in case any further comments are posted after the book is released.
I wonder what the copyright position is of this, if the blog is a flavour of creative commons does this include comments too?

When I decide what to do i’ll update this post.