Speaking with James Clay

A few weeks ago James Clay and I spoke about the recent release of some e-learning related documents, most of which I wrote. He recorded the conversation as part of his “e-learning stuff podcast”.

Hear me in episode #61 talk about the relationship technology and¬† pedagogy, mobile learning and a host of other “stuff”.

Thank you James.

If found

Most of us have at least one USB memory stick in our possession at any one time. And most of us will have lost at least one of them too. They either disappear mysteriously or are left in the USB port of a computer in some far away land where nobody can return it, because after all it is just a generic USB stick.

To help improve the admittedly¬† slim chance of its return, I always add a simple text file in the root of the USB stick called ‘if found’. In this file I put my contact details so at least this way there is some hope that it will be returned:

Please contact me, Zak Mensah at tribehut @ gmail.com to return this stick that I have clearly forgotten.

Thank you!

Just the two of us

In episode #21 of the excellent Big Web Show, Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman interview each other.

Both of these guys have been inspirational to me for years and it is good to hear them talk about their careers. Also the idea of interviewing each other is a nice one (normally they interview other folk in the web industry).

If you are looking for a new podcast show that covers a wide range of topics and people then look no further.