Hiring: Media Project Manager

The Open University is looking to fill a temporary position, the description includes:

You will need to have: effective project management, scheduling, communication and staff management skills; solid media production experience, ideally in an academic discipline relevant to the University’s faculties of Arts, Education and Language Studies, or Social Sciences; sound experience in instructional design; and confidence in working in a changing environment.

Job details

Heated hands, happy ride

After a freezing Bristol – London passport dash two weeks ago for a friend and blue fingers, I decided enough was enough.

So this weekend I had some affordable heated grips from bike it installed from the helpful duo of Kellaway motorcycles. I had considered the Honda set (£150 plus install, no thanks) and some Oxford options, but  plumped for the in-store no frills bike it grips (£45).

First reports are positive and my only gripe is that the grips themselves feel a little rough and BMX like, but no doubt in a few miles I won’t know what the old grips felt like.

Once I get a long single trip out of the way (next week to London) then I will know if they will last the winter.

DJ Shadow using mobile

An interview with DJ Shadow’s Marketing manager, in which he details how they are trying to capitalise on mobile at events:

Geo-targeted push notifications on the iPhone app to fans at each venue, asking the fan to take photos of the show. This has been going AMAZINGLY.

On the road with dj shadow – the shadowsphere meets the death star reaching fans online

I like that they are experimenting with new ideas such as geo-targeting, but also solving existing problems such as cash-only merch stalls now accepting mobile payments. This will all be normal in under ten years.