How to view Kindle books from Dropbox

When I produce ebooks I will always knock out versions in EPUB, PDF and Kindle file formats.  Testing on the hardware device is straightforward but I suspect the Kindle App is very popular and thus a priority to test thoroughly. Yet it isn’t obvious how one goes about getting the ebook into the app.

Below I describe the method that enables me to quickly load a mobi file format book into the Kindle app on my phone.

For this test I use the Apple iPhone 4 with the dropbox and Kindle apps installed then:

  1. Save the Kindle file (.mobi) into dropbox
  2. Open dropbox and browse to the kindle file
  3. Press the icon/filename – dropbox will attempt to open the file
    Screengrab of attempting to open kindle file in dropbox
  4. Dropbox will fail to open the file and give you an unhelpful message saying “Unable to view file” BUT you should notice the arrow icon is now available in the bottom corner
    Screengrab of dropbox
  5. Press the button and you’ll have the option to open the ebook in the Kindle app.
    Screengrab showing the Kindle app is available
  6. Choose the Kindle app and then happy reading!


Guide to using digital media in teaching and learning

Using digital media in teaching and learning is a new guide that I wrote aimed at people who are curious about how images, video and audio might be applied.

I hope that this guide can act as the first port of call for learning technologists and teachers who aren’t quite yet ready to read about the “how-to” kind of stuff that we are great at.

We explore what digital media is, where it can be used to support teaching and learning and what the key opportunities and challenges are.