A blog as ebook

This week Amber Thomas released an ebook of all her blog posts from the Jisc digital infrastructure  team blog.

Having read pretty much all of those posts over the years and getting a lot out of them, returning the favour by way of an ebook was the least I could do.

Amber explained how everything went pretty well so I don’t have much to add except that including any comments from a blog is a rather interesting point for consideration which i’ll save for a future ramble.

So dust off your ebook reader (oh no he didn’t!) and enjoy the best of Amber Thomas.

Hello World: travels in virtuality – the ebook

At the weekend I wrapped up a project turning ‘Hello World: travels in virtuality ‘ by Sue Thomas into both Kindle and epub files.

The book was originally released in dead-tree’s format back in 2004 and digital publishing has allowed us to breath a new lease of life into the book and be easily available to the world!

If you want to hear more about how I made the book let me know and i’ll write something but you can just as easily read Ahab! by Craig Mod which covers all the ground and points you to a helpful sample project.  One of the key resources in Craig’s article is to the Kindle previewer which will display the ebook file in all generations of Kindle, saving you having to purchase all of the devices. My top tip is to start with the newest versions and work back until you get bored.

The Kindle version is now available to purchase for only £2.05.

Audio recordings from Responsive Day Out

Last week I attended the very affordable one day Responsive Day out in Brighton. It was on the subject of emerging practices within the web industry on responsive web design. I really enjoyed the day and think the format of 3x 30min talks per block is really good and I didn’t miss any of the pricey conference “things” they skipped out on to keep the cost down – more of this please!

All of the sessions were recorded and are now available to listen to, enjoy.