Classroom AV systems by Fraser Speirs

The same day I read Fraser Speir’s blog post on “The next generation Classroom AV system” I was staying with friends who happened to have a 42″ TV which is around the same size that Fraser discusses.

42 inch TV

Fraser’s piece is worth a read as he dismisses projectors and interactive whiteboards on the basis of their cost and limited value over a TV and so is trialing the use of 40″ TVs.

Having used the TV through the night for gaming and the Australian F1 qualifying at silly O’ clock I am even more interested in Fraser’s efforts.

My initial questions are “What is the maximum viewing range/angle that a student could sit at?” and similarly “what is maximum distance from the TV that this could work with?”. I’m guessing for many classrooms the room will be of a suitable comfortable size.

I look forward to his follow-up in months to come…. plus can i get me some 40″ plus home theater with surround sound??!!!


Fraser has a video with more details.

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