I have spoken at over 150 events and conferences all over the world and delivered workshops both face-to-face and online. I talk about all things digital, transformation, making money in museums and making a ruckus. I try to have a sense of humour and share as many tips and mistakes as I can squeeze into a session.

Want me to speak?

In 2018 I am focusing speaking on making a ruckus with money making in museums including Retail, cafes and events management and transforming service delivery using digital by default. I  typically deliver 30-60min talks on a topic. I can also do a deep dive or workshop on retail. If your local to Bristol and a small community event I can probably speak for free. If you’re further afield  I need you to pay for my expenses, travel and accommodation.

I don’t charge a speaker fee but if you are paying all speakers or providing gifts i’d prefer you donate to our museum trust BMDT.

I produce slides using Google Slides and share the URL with the event who can download and share as you see fit.

A non-exhaustive list of Workshops, talks and webinars

  1. Retail: Scale, Scope and Speed The Enterprise Federation of Norway 15-16th October 2018
  2. Getting buy-in for a shop refit ACE Regional Talking Shop Sept 2018
  3. CTRL ALT DIGITAL Culture geek London 9th May 2018 [Slides]
  4. Transforming Retail: Making a Ruckus!  Museum Connections, Paris France 18 Jan 2018 Download slides (PDF)
  5. Making a Ruckus with Retail at ACE on Tour: Bristol 26 Sep 2017
  6. DCMS Digital Technology in Museums Roundtable 9th Feb 2017, Feb 2017
  7. Talk On Message: Effective Strategies for Marketing and PR 6th Dec 2016
  8. Talk The power of internal social media – Social Media Week event 17 Nov 2016
  9. Talk Can we reinvent our online cultural offer? Let’s Get Real Conference in Manchester 27 Oct 2016
  10. Panel – Art, writing & the internet, No Bindings launch at 10 Colston Yard 28 May 2016
  11. Talk – Transformation Bristol Culture – Innovation lab, Kingston, London 23 May 2016
  12. Talk – West of England Retail Day, 10 March 2016
  13. Talk – Let’s get digital: New strategies for a new age, 20th January 2015
  14. Using Digital Media, SWFED, 18 November 2014
  15. Going Digital Conference, Collections Trust, 17 November 2014
  16. How we built bristolmusuems.org.uk, Working smarter, rather than harder: Getting Digital to Deliver, 31 October 2014
  17. Digital Panel, Museums Association 2014, 9 October 2014
  18. Workshop – Making an ebook on a shoestring, eLN 11th July 2014
  19. An introduction to Ada Lovelace at The Red Lodge Museum, 5th July 2014
  20. Launch of bristolmuseums.org.uk, MCG Museums Get Mobile! 16th May 2014
  21. Workshop – A practical guide to making a digital book, UKSG 37th Annual Conference 14th – 16th April 2014
  22. Reasonable doubt: Putting the museum on the web using social media, Social Media South West, 20th Feb 2014
  23. Words and Pictures, Digital Festival Office of National Statistics, 19th February 2014
  24. Museumcamp, 7th October 2013
  25. May 2013 | ARLIS UK and Ireland Art Libraries Society conference, Bristol.
  26. An introduction to digital books, weelearning, 31st July 2012
  27. Avon University Libraries  conference (AULIC), Bath, 22nd June 2012
  28. JISC Experts mobile infrastructure meeting, London, 11th June 2012
  29. Digital technologies for Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, Edinburgh, 27th April 2012
  30. Digital technologies for Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, Birmingham, 17th April 2012
  31. Digital technologies for Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, London, 16th April 2012
  32. Digital technologies for Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, London, 30th March 2012
  33. JISC OER3 Networking Day, London, 26th March 2012
  34. JISC Digital Media webinar, 22nd February 2012
  35. Digital technologies for Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, London, 16th February 2012
  36. JISC Digital Media webinar, 25th January 2012
  37. JISC Digital Media webinar, 18th January 2012
  38. [Workshop] Managing a Digital Media Collection, Mansfield, 10th January 2012
  39. JISC Digital Media webinar, 14th December 2011
  40. Emerging digital media practice, Bath Spa University, Bath, 15th November 2011
  41. Keynote: Establishing the digital City Limits, Bath Spa University, Bath, 5th July 2011
  42. Bloomsbury Media cloud, London, 20th April 2011
  43. 6th Plymouth e-learning conference, Plymouth 7th -8th April 2011
  44. JISC Open education resources hackday, Manchester 31st March – 1st April 2011
  45. JISC Conference, Liverpool, 14th – 15th March 2011
  46. JISC Digital Media webinar, 2nd February 2011
  47. JISC Digital Media webinar, 26th January 2011
  48. [Workshop] – Using digital media, Bristol, 25th November 2010
  49. University of Bath, Bath 17th November 2012
  50. 6th Plymouth e-learning committee planning meeting, Plymouth 4th November 2010
  51. RSC Yorkshire and Humber Conference, – Finding free to use images, Sheffield 14th October 2010
  52. Finding free to use digital media, JISC JIF Conference 28th – 19th July 2010
  53. [Workshop] – Using digital media, RSC East Midlands, 20th July 2010
  54. [Workshop] – Using digital media, RSC East Midlands, 13th July 2010
    RSC East Midlands 22nd June 2010
  55. RSC Scotland 3rd June 2010
  56. JISC Digital Media webinar 5th May 2010
  57. [Workshop] – Using digital media, RSC East Midlands, 21st April 2010
  58. Introducing JISC Digital Media, Leicester College 20th April 2012
  59. Introducing JISC Digital Media, Leicester University 20th April 2012
  60. JISC Conference, London 12th – 13th April 2010
  61. 5th Plymouth e-learning conference, Plymouth, 8th – 9th April 2010
  62. JISC Digital Media webinar 7th April 2010
  63. BECTA: Time to Innovate: Maximising Value in Further Education and Skills , Birmingham 9th March 2010
  64. [workshop] Using Digital Media in VLEs, Edinburgh, 5th March 2010
  65. [workshop] Using Digital Media in VLEs, Edinburgh, 4th March 2010
  66. JISC Digital Media webinar 24th February 2010
  67. JISC Digital Media webinar 10th February 2010
  68. BECTA annual conference Birmingham 2nd March 2010
  69. JISC Digital Media webinar 27th January 2010
  70. [workshop] Using Digital Media in VLEs, Bristol 21st January 2010
  71. Untitled event, Oxford University, 20th January 2010
  72. Learning and Teaching Exhibition, University of Bristol, 7th January 2010
  73. JISC Digital Media webinar 16th December 2009
  74. JISC Digital Media webinar 2nd December 2009
  75. JISC Digital Media webinar 18th November 2009
  76. National Centre for Research Methods, London 10th November 2009
  77. [workshop] Using Digital Media in VLEs, Bristol 4th November 2009
  78. RSC Wokingham Presentation, Wokingham, 29th October 2009
  79. JISC Digital Media webinar 21st October 2009
  80. JISC Digital Media webinar 7th October 2009
  81. JISC Digital Media webinar 23rd September 2009
  82. Dee conference, Cardiff, 9th September 2009
  83. [workshop] Using Digital Media in VLEs, Bristol 30th July 2009
  84. HEA/JISC strategic meeting York 15th – 16th July 2009
  85. JISC Digitisation Conference, (Cotswolds) Gloucestershire30th June – 1st July 2009 [http://www.jisc.ac.uk/jdcc09]
  86. RSC summer conference, Weston Super Mare 16th – 17th June 2009
  87. Cluster support – streaming video and mobile devices, 7th – 8th May 2009
  88. RSC Presentation, Birmingham 29th April 2009
  89. JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group Meeting, Birmingham  22nd April 2009
  90. EVENT RSC e for enhancement conference, Cardiff 2nd April 2009
  91. NIACE – eguides conferences, Nottingham 25-26th March 2009
  92. Launch of JISC Digital Media, London, 5th March 2009
  93. Launch of JISC Digital Media, Glasgow, 23rd  February 2009
  94. Launch of JISC Digital Media, Bristol, 10th February 2009
  95. Curriculum Delivery start up meeting, Warwick  13-14th November 2008
  96. Sussex university – elearning 29th – 30th October 2008
  97. Curriculum Design Meeting, Oxford 13-14th October 2008

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Events Attended

Jisc project: ebooks challenge, invited expert,  2012-13
JISC Web Usability Workshop, London, 12th April 2012
Learning and Teaching Exhibition 2012, Bristol, 27th March 2012
Materhorn Lecture capture conference, Oxford, 31st January 2012
Heritage Lottery Fund, London,14th October 2011
JISC Digital Literacies workshop, Bristol 6th October 2011
Get real 2011 conference, Bristol, 21st September 2011
JISC Assessment workshop, Bristol, 3rd March 2011
Online Educa, Berlin Germany, 1st – 3rd December 2010
OER IPR and Licensing: Before You Start, London, 24th November 2010
Workshop – Developing for the Mobile Web, Bristol, 27th October 2010
Pedagogy: principles and practices, Bristol, 6th January 2010
JISC Innovating e-Learning online conference 24th – 27th November 2009
FOTE conference, London, 2nd October 2009
Future Sonic Social tech Summit, 13th – 15th May Manchester 2009
e-Learning Conference: Dentistry, Bristol 27th April 2009
JISC Conference, Edinburgh, 23rd – 24th March 2009
From digital divides to digital dividends, despite the economic, Bristol 10th March 2009
JISC Advisory Services conference, Warwick 24 -25th February 2009
JISC m-learning in FE workshop, Bristol, 14th January 2009
JISC Innovating e-Learning online conference 4th – 7th November 2008
Upcoming scenario building workshop on mobile technologies in HE, 1st October 2008