Getting to the same number

When I think I’m being very clear and someone doesn’t get me I’m reminded of the example of getting to the number four. My brain and worldview is 2+2=4. Simple. Yet another person may say 8-4=4 or 2×2=4. Then I realise there is lots of ways of arriving at the same number and that I made the assumption there was only one way. I think of this often when someone else has a different worldview but may be agreeing with the same outcome. Does it always matter how we arrive at four?

2 Replies to “Getting to the same number”

  1. Do we have to understand how they arrived at 4? What led them to their equation? Was it taught to them by someone? If we’re all getting to 4 what about the process in between… Just applying the learning and unlearning really.

  2. And numbers and words are simply ways of expressing our creative energy, inspiring and sparking thoughts and actions in the people around us. The positive view of 2+2 and 2×2 that together we make more than we can make on our own.

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