Missing a trick – Hotel guestbooks

It is a constant struggle to identify good hotels/hostels – this time we were lucky that a colleague suggested ‘The Havelock‘ on the Isle of Wight, a place which has exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have been happier.

On the front desk the owners have a guestbook which reflects the happy stay of many guests . What’s wrong with that? Nothing except we are already here and so the comments don’t  really add value much to anybody – although my better half suggests it can be good for local recommendations.

Those comments would be very helpful to anybody who is considering the hotel via the website. I propose that all hotels transfer those comments to their own websites on a regular basis. This would help interested potential guests AND surely help keep fresh material on the site – who loves this more than a search engine and a bunch of hotels with static sites vying for a higher search ranking that’s who.

It is good that The Havelock is on tripadviser as at least those comments can help you decide.

Enabling webgl in Firefox

Earlier today I was attempting to view an example of 3D in the browser that makes use of webgl but the browser kept insisting webgl wasn’t enabled.

Initial web searches indicate that webgl, which is used to get the 3D working should be running on Firefox (im using 6.0.2) but it clearly was not!


To enable webgl simply type “about:config” into the browser address, promise to be care and then type “webgl” into the filter at the top.  The second option should be “webgl.force-enable” and you’ll need to double-click the value of false changing it to TRUE.

Reload the 3D example page and you should now be up and running.

Jquery – .slidetoggle()

Remember when using the .slidetoggle feature of jquery that you need to set the element that you wish to start hidden e.g. a div called ‘map’ to display:none or else the div will start visible.

Also if using multiple toggles remember to give each a unique set of names (unless you know how to properly code and this can be done in a cleaner fashion.

Dear future self, this will save you 12hrs of head scratching.

Look at the wheels!

Bike up on the stand in the garage

I just got a new set of tyres for the bike and my impression after a mere 6 miles is that it now feels like a completely different bike.

This is the first time that I have had new tyres on the same bike, as I traded the last bike before they were too gone.

The steering immediately felt different, initially I am putting this down to having the correct tyre pressure! There is def increased height at the front now which I wasn’t used to and couldn’t get a feeling in roundabouts but the last mile felt comfy.

I inherited a square rear tyre (caused by lack of turning and mainly motorway miles says the fitter) which always made leaning strange when hitting the edge of the tyre.  Under acceleration I can feel the improvement to grip (experts may laugh at this notion) as the bike was quicker through the first two gears.

I am amazed at just how different the bike feels already and will be assuming fresh tyres is a good thing!

I got a set of Avon Storm ST ultra’s (£252.93 with fitting) from Protyre Bristol based on what a few of the BAM guys recommended.

How long will they last? note to self, you are on 21K the day they were fitted.