MotoGP 2012: Silvestone

Cal Crutchlow

My first visit to motoGP race and Cal Crutchlow #35 was superhuman. Riding from last with a fractured ankle he came 6th and earned applause every time he came around. The photo above is at Stowe corner on the way to Vale.

I will continue to wear his #35 polo with pride!

Look at the wheels!

Bike up on the stand in the garage

I just got a new set of tyres for the bike and my impression after a mere 6 miles is that it now feels like a completely different bike.

This is the first time that I have had new tyres on the same bike, as I traded the last bike before they were too gone.

The steering immediately felt different, initially I am putting this down to having the correct tyre pressure! There is def increased height at the front now which I wasn’t used to and couldn’t get a feeling in roundabouts but the last mile felt comfy.

I inherited a square rear tyre (caused by lack of turning and mainly motorway miles says the fitter) which always made leaning strange when hitting the edge of the tyre.  Under acceleration I can feel the improvement to grip (experts may laugh at this notion) as the bike was quicker through the first two gears.

I am amazed at just how different the bike feels already and will be assuming fresh tyres is a good thing!

I got a set of Avon Storm ST ultra’s (£252.93 with fitting) from Protyre Bristol based on what a few of the BAM guys recommended.

How long will they last? note to self, you are on 21K the day they were fitted.

Bristol to Whitby

Bike at the side of the road

Last week we had a few days planned up North in Whitby and I didn’t need more than a seconds thought to take the bike.

It was a great ride up with a highlight of crossing the Humber Bridge and enjoying the trip over the Moors (A169).

My GPS device, igotu worked a treat and now I can add ride data to my holiday collection with memories, photos and….trip data haha – very happy.

Oh and Whitby was worth visiting for a few days least I forget the reason for my trip and the food, particularly the sausages at Bothams was a welcome distraction from the pub.


A46, A164 (dull), A15, A169
273 miles one way
943 ft elevation (max)