idpf 2012 Digital book conference

idpf have just released all of the session recordings and slides.

At IDPF Digital Book 2012 you’ll hear about the latest business and technical developments in the rapidly evolving digital publishing industry.

Of particular interest was the recording of Liza Daly’s ‘streaming ebooks‘ session which is well worth a listen.

Directory of ebook resources in education

My search for articles, presentations, recordings, books etc on the all topics around ebooks and digital publishing has been frustrating. To help me collate my findings and hopefully support others I have created a Google Document listing all found items. The document can be viewed and edited by anybody so please do help me build this into something of value:

Ebooks and digital publishing in Education and research, Google Document


Introducing the new MediaCore

It’s a whole new way for your organization to learn with video.

I first came across MediaCore at an event in London last year that I was speaking at on the subject of digital media. Naturally this video platform caught my attention and Stuart Bowness, co-founder was in attendance to explain in detail. Fast forward several months and we kicked the tyres of the platform for EdMediaShare.

Stuart and co asked for our thoughts on the version we had and we mostly loved it, the stuff we didn’t? they added to a list for either investigation or for their customer wall of shame haha!

A hot topic on every institution’s lips is that of managing video: Creation, storage, branding, attribution etc. MediaCore quite rightly is going into this space. Quite frankly I hope they can help solve our problems.

It is nice to see the platform improve and grow. I wish the team much success.

Watch the video explaining the platform.

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