Week 89 at at work

A week around retail.


  • Helen did an amazing job of sorting out our annual retail stock take
  • Agreed 15/16 evaluation priorities
  • Data collection and reviewing our data protection
  • 1:1s and agreeing the generic format for all managers
  • Introduced the Arts and Events team to Trello
  • Quarterly digital meeting taking a look at our roadmap for 2014-2020
  • Enjoyed lunch with my kid who came to visit and we tested the new cafe which gets the thumbs up
  • Workshop day with Our Museum assessors to look at our views on the project
  • Brief chat with Jeremy from Kew about benchmarking each others digital teams
  • Talked about using the discovery phase for new projects
  • Interviewed for our Retail Manager vacancy
  • Got my conflict resolution on – “say it twice you meant it”
  • Missed management team for the first time but Trello held up well and i was kept in the loop due to our lists and commenting – such a great tool!

Next week I hope to progress the over arching vision for retail.

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