Week 90 at work

This week I managed:

  • Failed to appoint a new retail manager so we move to plan B
  • Collaborating with Sarah Prag on new ways of working and building digital capacity
  • First day off since August whoop
  • Chopped it up with Kevin O’Malley from the City Futures service about partnering on smart cities projects, sharing our approaches and generally shipping products
  • Reviewed our 2015-16 requirements with IT Services which includes large digital storage needs
  • Attended the quarterly Modern Record Office and Archives staff meeting – they love stats
  • Contributed to the bi-monthly service programming meeting
  • Agreed in principle our 2015-16 marketing plan and better ways of working with our reduced design hours allocation – moving to trello and Basecamp to try and make it better
  • Called Canada to speak with Katie from Shopify about using their iPad POS (tills to you and me) across the service
  • Attended the private view for new M Shed exhibition ‘Open for Business
  • Reviewed the research direction for the Hidden Museum project starting 1st April
  • Blown away by the amazing work that Mark has done to get our digital signage cooking on gas

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