Week 39 at work

Coming out of the haze of two substantial bids this week felt like light work in comparison:

  • Finally submitted the Nesta digital r and d bid
  • Agreed how we’d use our Nexus 7 tablets for the English Magic exhibition. Finally get to make an ebook!
  • Waved goodbye to Mark who has been supporting our moving image digitisation programme
  • Shared my ideas with our interim director about online tools for running projects
  • Sat with marketing to discuss their input on the new website
  • Mark P took me on a tour of the M shed kiosks as we work to switch over from using umbraco to run them to our collection management tool eMU
  • Started to use basecamp for an internal project to showcase the benefit for the service. I suspect the Council has plans for project management across the landscape but no doubt it will something different…
  • I have taken on a lot of the evaluation and performance role functions so had a positive session with Fay to look at the essentials
  • Really enjoyed meeting an English Heritage¬† contact to find out how they are going to be approaching digital and I’ve offered to lend a hand if they need
  • Reviewed some tenders for a local partner. Please note that if you use public money we expect open practices and sharing of the outputs. If you don’t want to play then get off our court
  • Shared the first visual designs of the website with a fairly wide group and was excited to see the design language work.


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