Week 80 at work

Everybody is back in the office now so lots of hellos, emails and getting back to the grindstone.

  • Started my first proper week in my new role
  • Started sprint 8 of the Hidden Museum project at Aardman HQ
  • Digital team 1:1 monthly sessions
  • Ran a few staff sessions on using trello for task/project managing
  • Agreed how we’d roll out our digital signage project
  • Agreed our website phase two project with Fay at the helm this time
  • Agreed our Q4 workforce development plan
  • Discovered which boards/sign-off we need to follow from Bristol City Council
  • Skyped with Mike Ellis about our work together in Q4
  • Reviewed my monthly budget forecast. I previously only had a few to look at!
  • Met Mary Godwin, our Arts Council England relationship manager to review quarter three and look ahead to 2015-18
  • Met with our catering and event partner Levy Restaurants to look at how we can resolve a few issues and work together
  • Handed over yet another project to my team. This time it’s the University of Bristol interaction cabinet project which Zahid will lead on and you’ll be impressed with
  • Approved staff casual salary which is pretty important
  • Waved farewell to Tim Corum who worked at the service for eight years
  • Realised that I give Fay too much of my old workload so will be more mindful of the impact of my job switch – sorry Fay

Next week I hope to review all my teams progress for 2014-15 and look ahead to cracking on with 2015-16.

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