Week 73 at work


  • Ran a full day workshop for the SWFED called ‘An introduction to digital media on the web’
  • Reviewed our latest Hidden Museum sprint 6
  • Reviewed student project people tracker from team CSPD
  • Agreed how to improve our Birds and Mammals gallery on the first floor of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
  • Decided how we’d revise and improve our proposed equalities action plan for 2015-18
  • Spoke with Jon Walker from Tyne and Wear Museum about retail and spreadsheets
  • Did a handover with Ray to now line manage the documentation team. Now we’re part of the transformation group together which I hope will mean some great cross service collaboration
  • Made a plan to go digital by default for schools bookings
  • Reviewed the 2015-18 proposals for new exhibitions
  • Met with Lucy and Barney to see what opportunities lay ahead for us working together
  • Agreed next steps for developing the offer of our historic houses
  • Took some time with Ray to agree how to tidy up the much feared and messy shared service drive for information
  • Met our in-house build team who I now also manage to hear how they work and how we’ll work together
  • Received a bunch of children to help us develop our hidden museum project as part of Museum Takeover day
  • Met local arts orgs to see how we can work better together

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