Week 55 at work

A hard slog of a week in which I managed to:

  • Had a panic when I discovered how much a project “under-estimated” the time it will take to produce some videos
  • Saw the M Shed biomass boiler up close (we need to get the computer remote access) massive piece of kit!
  • Did a telephone interview with Nick Poole from the Collections Trust about my view on free vs paid digital services which morphed into a big rant on my part ha. In summary making things ‘open’ is a new and ‘uniquely digital’ opportunity we must embrace NOW
  • Reviewed our schools booking procedure as it’s in line for becoming a ‘digital service’
  • Talked more about a digital HLF bid proposal…
  • Got the low down on the interpretation plans for our Moved by Conflict exhibition
  • Held our first ‘future of interpretation’ meeting which will be chunked into bite-sized pieces
  • Made a plan to deal with this years audience exit surveys which we use to help inform our service
  • Dealt with lots of complaints from staff about lack of access to email and calendars remotely. Bristol City Council had to turn off remote access without using a PSN token and of course not everybody receives a token. Major headache.
  • Discovered lots of small holes in our working practices around communicating project milestones. Found a way to fix much of this I hope.
  • Met with key team members to discuss our long road to documenting and agreeing service wide interpretation
  • ¬†Agreed with a comment in a video by Seth Godin that I need to say NO to lots of ad hoc pieces of work and get back to projects that matter
  • Produced our quarterly report for major funder Arts Council England in preparation for next week’s meeting. Great to see the breadth of work we’ve been up to.
  • Met with the Library service to see where we can work together on systems, storage and skills exchange.
  • Finally delivered my workshop outline for a November workshop i’ll be running on “Using digital media as a museum” for SW Fed
  • Attended the best named meeting ever “Meeting with Death” about a forth coming exhibition on the subject of death

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