Week 53 at work

Last week marked a year in the job and this week seemed like a new chapter. I got up to:

  • Met with the whole team to highlight what our key Arts Council goals are for Q2-Q4
  • Worked on streamlining our data collection but this feels like losing battle
  • Showed our Head of Collections the great work that BIG lab are doing and agreed to give their two prototypes a trial
  • Tried to move our online shop to the next step but stumbled
  • Reviewed ALL outstanding requests for design work (3D, print, web) which again is tough trying to steer the ship
  • Had a great catchup with Andy about scanning and getting our cranes to talk
  • Attended two open data related evening events, mysociety meetup and ODUG local user group
  • Spent quite a lot of time firefighting small issues
  • Welcomed David Butler and his research cohort from The University of Southern Mississippi for a four day exit survey around museum collections and slavery – special shout out to John
  • Tinkered with some website bits…
  • On Saturday I gave two short talks on Ada Lovelace and her connection to The Red Lodge Museum

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  1. Hi Zak!

    I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to an invitation to see you speak at the eLearning Network event this Friday. I really, really would have liked to come and see you and the other speakers, but being based in Italy, it’s a bit of a long hop at such short notice.

    If I may, I’ll ask you what I would have done in the “mingle” sections after your talk: How does an ex-pat Bristolian, who’s an experienced elearning professional, start moving into the elearning community / job marketplace in The West Country? (I’m looking to move back from Italy.)

    Any ideas, no matter how big or small, are much appreciated!



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