Week 52 at work

This week marks the end of my first year in my role and the start of the next year! This week I got up to:

  • agreed in principle that phase two of the website project should focus on our education offer and sat with fffunction so that we can get an estimate
  • attended a half day workshop on online shopping platform Shopify which I wrote about earlier
  • set out a new workflow for internal requests for design work and immediately got swamped with requests
  • Met with a Microsoft researcher and University students about working together on an interesting prototype
  • Attended a half day workshop hosted by HLF and National Archives about digital and archives!
  • Heard that we have been successful in our Nesta RnD fund for the arts project with aardman and the University of Bristol!
  • Took Friday off

I need to write an end of year wrap up…

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