Week 51 at work

This week i’ve been up to:

  • Shorter week due to being at the Le Mans 24 race in France
  • Shut down over 200 web pages which were scattered across the retired mshed.org website and Bristol City Council pages
  • Set up 301 redirects which are critical to help Google know we’ve moved the content. Where possible I have mapped old URLs to their new home
  • Met with Bristol Record Office to review their web section
  • Went on a fact finding mission to see how we can improve our performance data gathering
  • Enjoyed being part of the IT Desktop user group giving feedback about what needs to improve: start up and shut down speed, unrestricted web access and skype!
  • Carried out my final team members six month review
  • Improved the staff ebook I released last month
  • Sent the director my draft plans for the next few months: interpretation, website phase two and more!
  • Spent a lot of my time with my head in the GDS measurement guidance and coming up with key performance indicators based on our Council and Arts Council measurements
  • Agreed to start a ‘behind the scenes’ breakfast instagram and blogger tour of the sites
  • Chopped it up with Sarah Saunders about images, metadata and engagement

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