Week 42 at work

A different type of week with a conference out of town and the service getting caught up in the latest banksy story”

  • I spend a few days in Harrogate for the 37th annual UKSG conference. I went to find out where the publishing industry is at the moment, seeing at the museum service is a publisher without even really knowing it. I also had the pleasure of speaking twice about the future of publishing, how it affects the museum and how you can make your own ebook
  • We heard that our application to the Nesta RnD digital arts fund was successful to the next round
  • I met with our funder, Arts Council to explain what the service got up to in the last quarter. The overarching message for me was to show and tell – ship stuff!
  • The new service website has continued to evolve and i’m expecting us to move from alpha to beta in the next few weeks. For now see the mockup and read the GDS service manual details on the beta phase
  • The museum agreed to house the latest Banksy ‘Mobile Lovers’ and I had the slightly out of my remit task of carrying the art work into the building from the police van! I did ask if I could wear a police hat but…

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