Week 41 at work

This week being able to progress taking online payments continues to be an itch I can’t seemed to scratch.  With that being said I mentioned:

  • Met two UWE students to explain how we currently make use of interaction onsite
  • Discussed how we will approach the AV requirements for our Moved by Conflict exhibition
  • Reviewed our social media guidelines and changed all the passwords!
  • Had a great catch up with most of the team to look at our 2014-2015 plans
  • Contributed to our 2015-2018 service plan
  • Got a request for licensing 214 seconds of video footage – was nice to pop to films at 59 where they work until 2am and turned our recording around super quickly
  • Learned how I’ll need to report official stats back to the Council
  • Some University of Bristol students showed us their improved prototype for interacting with objects in a case. Very clever use of gestures
  • Wrote a one-page business case for dealing with our online revenue (we get money, we pay the council, no?) as there is a large untapped opportunity
  • Sat with our education team to look at their needs on the new website

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