Week 36 at work

By the end of this week I could see the light at the end of the tunnel for two of our major project bids. I still managed to get up to some mischief:

  • Had a great chat with future cities to see how we may be able to work together. The museum should have a strong role to play, being one of the few free public indoor spaces left…
  • Dipped in and out of Arts Council bid stuff
  • Met with the University of Bristol and aardman to develop our joint Nesta bid. Great to have folks to bounce ideas off
  • Discussed what the folks at the L Shed needed from me to help them – scanning equipment, staying out of their way and putting in some wifi were the main areas of focus
  • Chopped it up with David from the Watershed to find out all about their digital work
  • Attended bathcamp 44
  • Attended a lunchtime talk at the pervasive media studio from Daniel Meadows
  • Two post-doc students from the University of Bristol demo’ed a prototype combining motion tracking and a clever way of interacting with objects. I really hope we can test this approach soon
  • Fought bravely for a digital budget…

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