Week 34 at work

A case full of prints of drawings - Walter Richard Sickert shown here
Walter Richard Sickert prints and drawings in need of digitising

This week was pretty busy:

  • More Arts Council bid work…
  • Skype chat about how we can use tablets to improve the visitor experience
  • Discussion of how the new website can support the learning team
  • How we can take online bookings – hoping we can use shopify for the heavy lifting
  • A visit to M Shed to see how we can combine a tablet and flat screen to enable interaction with our ‘contributing wrap’
  • Got permission to spend some external grant money to purchase a portable audio recording setup
  • Visited the Office of National Statistics to give a talk on how we deal with intellectual property, make digital media, and make use of a digital asset management system (DAM)
  • Hosted the monthly Social Media South West meetup and gave a talk with Claire Royall called “Reasonable doubt – how the museum us getting social”
  • Helped Paul Sullivan get blogging over at www.pauldsullivan.com which let me see that wordpress has some poor accessibility quirks
  • Briefly joined Trevor and David discuss digitisation requirements for 2014 which includes digitising a bunch of Walter Richsrd Sickert and Bristol Suspension Bridge prints and drawings (see above photo)
  • Chopped it up with Adam about the progress of the new website navigation
  • Rolled the dice on budget requirements for 2014-2015

Next week I really hope I can find somebody to help us take online payments…

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