Week 33 at work

This week was slightly less hardcore than the previous few weeks:

  • Community support by taking on a student for hisĀ  year 10 work experience for a week
  • Moved from discovery to alpha phase for the website project
  • Agreed how we’d do advanced ticketing for the next temporary exhibition online
  • Got to grips with eventbrite
  • Came up with way to start getting digital in the houses
  • Met with Ian from aardman to discuss our full proposal for the Nesta Digital fund
  • Reviewed another draft of our Arts Council bid
  • Discussed how marketing and PR would help with the website project
  • Confirmed my apprentice into the post – she has been a real asset
  • One of our collaboration partner teams from the University of Bristol gave their beta demo of the volunteer database they have been making for us
  • Started to get excited about our wikimedia proposal with the Bristol Record Office
  • Swore that next year’s budget will be ruled with an iron fist ha!



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