Week 32 at work

This week was primarily focused on meeting internal teams to update them on the website project. I’ll have a student on work experience next week and dealing with the Arts Council bid so this week I tried to clear the decks.

  • I met with members of the Natural Sciences team who are keen to build their team online activities. This won’t make phase 1 but anticipating future needs is vital. I’m assuming the BBC Nature History Unit will be a good baseline to start with
  • The Public programme team’s needs are straightforward but the devil is in the detail. Their user needs will be met in the ‘plan your visit’ user journey. Also they need the website to deal with online ticketing.
  • I met someone keen to volunteer for archives. We need hands at the pumps in that area so hopefully we can work together very soon
  • The World cultures collections team are eager to blog for the new website. They were receptive to being user focused too
  • The Development team are responsible for fundraising so we met to iron out possible user needs. We spent time reviewing other museum journeys and think we have a direction.
  • I met 6 students from the University of the West of England (UWE) we photography students who will be snapping away between now and may. Although we have lots of marketing images I think there is lots of scope for ‘behind the scenes’ and documentary style photos. They help us do this and in return we act as a real client.
  • We have started to see if a raspberry pi computer can replace some aging mac mini computers that are showing their age.
  • We have a lot of kit in need of replacing so me and Zahid spent half a day preparing the list. This need to go to a panel to agree.
  • Dan from fffunction wrote about his website research review for the website project
  • In two weeks i’ll be talking with Claire Royall at Social Media South West so had to start on our talk
  • Wrote a blog post about IT Services and my frustrations that will stay in the vault for now!

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