Week 28 at work

Everybody came flooding back this week and with them a tidal wave of email.

  • Transferred BRERC to our own server to further reduce our third party annual hosting costs. By the end of all of these moves we’ll have saved several thousand pounds.
  • The new interim Director started and I look forward to talking about my plans. IT services managed to drop the ball and I found myself saying “Welcome to the Council”
  • Got a detailed tour of our City Lives exhibition from the curator Julia Carver which was brilliant and I wish everybody could have a curator in their pocket!
  • Ironed out how we move a key collection back into the fold
  • Put the wheels in motion for a web project with regional partners where I think we’ll give the website service squarespace a run through its paces
  • Wrote about why online is still the real world
  • Hit the brakes on a pending project due to begin next week
  • Managed to squeeze in a lunch-time run (6km)
  • Finished reading Organisations don’t tweet, people do during my breakfast reads


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