Online is still the real world

I often get pulled into discussions about why staff shouldn’t be allowed to have permission to official online accounts. Come a little closer and i’ll let you into a secret; The online conversations we and our customers are having (with or without you) are still part of the real world. We trust our teams with these vital conversations daily, at the reception, over the phone, in our shop and our galleries. Yet the moment a member of staff wishes to extend their reach to the online world somebody wishes to pull them back. For what? Certainly not for the benefit of our customers who need those closest to the coalface to respond in a timely manner.

The online conversations we should be having with our customers need all hands to the pumps. Let them go and set them free.

The next time you want to say no, take a moment to reflect. Consider who else could answer that question in a timely manner and professionally, if not those you trust face to face with our valuable customer.

Here, take those reigns.

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