Swindon Heritage Strategy

Swindon Borough Council have unveiled their first ever Heritage strategy. The 18 page PDF makes note of the vision, aims and key objectives. The document has clearly been designed and written for print use.  It would be great if they had the headlines on a webpage instead of just a pdf.

Below are my key highlights from the document.

Read Swindon Heritage Strategy (pdf).

a. Develop a plan for a united museums offer across the borough.
b. Develop the town’s reputation as a hub for heritage expertise with
bodies such as English Heritage and the National Trust.
c. Develop partnerships between voluntary, public and business sectors
to develop the action plan.
d. Promote Swindon as a heritage destination.
e. Increase understanding and awareness of Swindon’s heritage for
residents and visitors.
f. Encourage the engagement of young people with Swindon’s heritage
through activities and partnerships with schools and youth orga
g. Promote Swindon’s heritage in development and regeneration.
h. Create a deeper understanding of Swindon’s heritage assets,
their importance, issues and ways to respond.

p18 Requirement to find a new home for the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Collections.

The ongoing financial challenge to reduce the cost of delivering services through innovation and income generation

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