Hayley Atkinson

Zak and Hayley Atkinson talk about self-publishing students and the challenges of making your own books.


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Show notes and links

The blog that Hayley uses to showcase some of the recent projects at Leeds on using ebooks with students.

The best way to get in touch with Hayley is via her twitter account.

Hayley and the students are using Apple ibooks author to self-publishing their own books.

For non Apple users, Calibre is probably the best tool to get you started with making your own books.

If using the epub format make sure you check it validates as this is required by many of the ebook online shops and helps reduce the chances of errors for the reader.

Using Creative Commons licensed materials is a free and legal way to use third-party text, images, video and audio. Always link back to the source so that others can also share the material and why not consider sharing some of your own materials using a Creative Commons license.

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