MotoGP, Twitter and leading by example

Last month Robert Scoble wrote about one of my favorite things: bikes,  specifically MotoGP, and Lorenzo’s use of twitter for personal branding.

What I like about this post, is that we can see Jorge Lorezno actually wants to connect with fans and sees Twitter as the most obvious way. You can’t shake everybodies hand or sign all the autographs, but you can make connections to everybody by tweeting.

Robert actually met with Jorge and thus his observations are based on this meeting as opposed to  heresay.  He has no hope of out shining Rossi in the popularity stakes now – but when Rossi hangs his boots up, Jorge is better positioned to be the most well-known after him, I certainly paid more attention of noticing that he tweets.  That and he is completely dominating on the track.

If the by-product of using twitter is that we as fans think we know him better and it raises his profile,  and he gets paid more in sponsorship, than good on him. What makes it interesting and refreshing also is that is is clearly  Jorge’s tweets and not some marketing angle. If he wants to know what film to watch, he can ask his ‘fans’ and share what he is doing outside of the office job – just like you and me, and that’s the beauty.

Photo credit – Robert Scoble

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