HTML5 for web designers – the book

Cover of the book

The first thing you notice about the book is the restraint. It claims to only tell the dear reader exactly what they need to know in the physical book, leaving us to use the internet for the rest . The book  reminds me of the highway code. The restraint is purposeful and even mentioned in the foreward by Jeffrey Zeldman:

..only as many words and pictures as are needed

It didn’t take long to read and with ten or so other books waiting to be read I am thankful. I was very happy with the subject matter covered and the chosen level of depth – saying no more than the author felt was required for our brushes with HTML5 in 2010. If this book was to be published in say 1-2 years time, I bet it would leap-frog of all of the topics here today and just tell us what we need to know.

Curious about HTML5? then this is the book for you to give you the lay of the land. Off the back of reading it, I switched from old school to new school HTML5. Enjoy.

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