Hello New Zealand, Hello #NDFNZ

When I travel I like to try and visit as many interesting places as possible that  touch on my work interests of digital, connections, retail, cafes, commercial hire, user research, fundraising and more!

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter I have been able to arrange an introduction with some kind folks who hang out on the #ndfnz hashtag. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who reached out and/or suggested people and places I should check out.

Trust me I’m not a traveling salesman ha. I’m just keen to say hello to as many like-minded folks as possible and swap stories about where I/you are at and if I can be of any help from my neck of the woods in Bristol, England.

The main reason I’m back in New Zealand is for a wedding this weekend with family and I’m around until the 9th May.

So if you want to say hello or meet up for a drink in or outside of work don’t be shy just email zakmensah@googlemail.com or drop me a tweet or text ¬†+447730574129

The short version of my job title ‘Head of Transformation’ is that I work for Bristol Culture, a local authority culture service with a remit to make a ruckus in user research, digital, earning income – retail etc, and making us digital by default.

I oversee a third of the service, we have over 1M visitors a year and 5 museums plus archive and arts team who make cool stuff happen across the city.

My background is helping people to use technology and address user needs

I hope to see as many of you as time allows.


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