Week 82 at work

This week like my job started proper. I got up to:

  • Met with Gavin and started our first of many conversations about our services working together. Got to see Temple Street where lots of staff have moved to recently. Interesting uses of tech such as wireless phones so you can sit anywhere. Would take a lot to convince me open offices are productive though – the noises and phones ringing!
  • Spent half a day with our outgoing retail Manager Ollie to better understand our historic retail profit/loss sheets and get the low down on key issues
  • Went to my hang out with Bristol & Region Archaeological Services for an afternoon to meet the team and look at “quick wins”
  • After missing several trains to London I finally got to Museum Association “Lets get Digital” seminar day. I spoke about how we made our website and really enjoyed the question and answer session at the end. Always a pleasure to get invited to speak at events and Rebecca Atkinson and co did a fantastic job running the day. Rebecca wrote about the day.
  • I gave my personal view to HR about performance management within the organisation to aid their new performance management process due out this year.
  • Met Scott and Meagan from Play Nicely who helped us deliver the tech for Moved by Conflict
  • Monthly meeting with documentation and digital teams
  • Had our first proper management team meeting to hear Laura’s first thoughts on our service. One outcome is to move to using trello for all staff to see what burning issues management staff are working on to help be transparent
  • Budget review
  • I often half joke that we don’t want our very senior management at the council to know our names as it probably means we messed up. An “incident” not of our doing caused our Service Director to know my name this week. Awkward. I better get used to curve balls. I’ll be “ensuring” this particular issue can’t happen again. As long as you learn right?
  • Got featured in Bristol 24/7 about my Bristol top fives

Next week i’ll be onsite in a field with a member of BaRAS to see a project they are working on, sorting out our retail manager paperwork and getting into the detail of team costs.

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