Week 71 at work

Boo hiss to the end of work always being dark i say. This week was fun as I blocked whole days for one activity:

  • Reviewed sprint 4 of our Hidden Museum project at Aardman office
  • Attended day one of Bristol City Council leadership and management course. I STILL don’t like to call people resources
  • Service wide meeting in which the network went down
  • Management team project sign off meeting. We moved to using my project proposal template as a way to initially document and judge all projects. Nobody likes forms but I don’t like saying no so this is your best shot to avoid that
  • Discussed a programme of work called ‘Our museum’
  • Reviewed plans for improving the birds and mammals gallery
  • Agreed next steps for the learning team’s web resources
  • Attended #drinkingaboutmuseums on the river Thames Thursday evening
  • Attended UKMW14 at the Natural History Museum

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