Bye bye cc email

When I made the leap to my current role I decided to also try and improve my own organisational skills. I was in denial that my inbox isn’t my to-do list and sucks lots of my time. One measure was that I moved to using trello to show my to-do items and help enable collaboration through shared work boards. I also needed to massively improve how I handled email, rather than email slapping me about. I have made small steps on this front but it hasn’t been enough.

Last week I decided that I receive too many messages which I was merely copied in on. So I have just setup a rule in my email client to move all incoming email with me cc’ed straight to a folder I can review at my leisure. The hope is that almost all of that email is for review rather than for me personally (heavy the inbox of a manager in a culture of just in case emails) to action as per David Allen’s getting things done definition of an actionable task.

Lets hope so anyway.



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