Week 44 at work

This week I got up to the following:

  • Coordinating the content for the 8th May soft launch of our website which is still in beta and can be seen at dev.bristolmuseums.org.uk
  • Reviewing the digital outputs for Moved by Conflict post live prototyping with the public. Our vision and budget need to have a chat!
  • Outlined our interview approach with Ian from aardman  for next weeks NESTA funding interview
  • Great discussion with Patricia S and Professor John Cook from UWE about working together
  • Waved farewell to my boss, Trevor Gough, who took voluntary severance.
  • Agreed our internal deadline to move the M Shed kiosks to our primary collections system
  • Met with UWE staff and students from the Information management course to see how they can ensure they are employable for folks like me
  • Showed our director our website progress and l=outlined our next one week sprint
  • Attended the launch of our Turner Watercolours from the West private view
  • Took a tour with Jenny Gaschke, our Fine Art curator, of our public collection. I was BLOWN away by Jenny’s way of describing the collection, the links and themes and also what digital might have to assist!

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