Week 31 at work

The next few weeks activity will be a similar pattern of Arts Council bid preparation, the website project  AND squeezing in the rest of the day job.

  • I wrote the first draft of possible plans for activity under the heading of ‘digital strategy’ which you can see on Google drive. This hasn’t been widely circulated but i’d love any feedback around clarity, style and vision. This will form part of the 2015-2018 Arts Council Bid for major funding. The headline is that digital should be a service.
  • I had an introduction with Jess from the SS Great Britain about both of our digital work. Local collaboration will be key to our future survival.
  • I did a tour of our IT/digital infrastructure for Redland High school for girls second year A-level students. They were mostly excited about visiting Nando’s afterward but hopefully they enjoyed it ha.
  • Much of Wednesday was dedicated to working with Dan from fffunction interviewing staff about their interactions with the public. This is part of the discovery phase work for the new website.
  • Submitted a business case for using external funding to purchase portable audio recording kit
  • Agreed to trial eventbrite for our upcoming Private view ahead of the launch of the Jeremy Deller exhibition in April. In theory this should claw back at least two weeks worth of apprentice/volunteer time per event.
  • Discussed using SquareSpace to run a small three year programme of work
  • Had a great meeting with Patrica Santos from University of the West of England about using research to better understand using mobile technology in and around the museum sites.
  • One of our student projects did an impressive functionality/alpha demonstrate of their tool for displaying our online collection over a Google map with filtering.
  • Spent an evening hosted by the Pervasive Media studio hearing three great talks about open data projects. Thanks Tom!
  • Ran a short session with Bristol Record Office on the benefits of using social media for their service.

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