Week 27 at Work

It seems that most of the Service takes the full two weeks off and so this week was still eerily quiet on the office front. As we reflect on the end of a year and hop to the next, I managed to focus on the website project.

  • ¬†Meet with a young student who will be joining us for a week in February for work experience.
  • Completed the content audit for our two main websites (find all URLS, listed value to audience and business, note volume of web traffic¬† for Q1 and Q2 in 2013 and make notes for anything interesting)
  • Met with potential web agencies to hear about their approach to helping us build a new website platform
  • Was impressed by Tom who fixed hundreds of pounds worth of AV kit using 40p replacement transistors
  • Learnt about current good practice for digitising film
  • Started to read Organisations Don’t tweet, People do and make notes for folk in the service
  • Reviewed a student project to replace our existing volunteer database
  • Read our procurement guidance in painstaking detail
  • Completed an IT request to ask for Google Chrome and need to write a business case to use Skype – yes you read that correctly, the average person has more useful tools in their pocket.

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  1. I read Euan Semple’s book last year and enjoyed it, there are many snippets and sections that are applicable in many situations and circumstances, and it should be read from both perspectives: from an employer and from an employee!

    Thanks Zak, good to catchup on how the new role is working for you!

    All the best, David.

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