How to fix HTC Desire 500 auto correct

If you have a new HTC Desire 500, or similar mobile using Android, and find that your auto correct isn’t working, e.g it says all standard English words are incorrect, then read on.

When you first use the phone the auto correct isn’t working and says pretty much every English word is new and needs to be added to the dictionary. The problem is that for some strange reason multiple languages are switched on by default and the keyboard cannot understand English words. To fix is quick and simple:

  1. Go to Settings (the graphic is a cog)
  2. Scroll down to the ‘phone’ section and choose ‘Language and keyboard’
  3. Under ‘keyboard and input methods’ choose ‘HTC Sense Input’
  4. Choose ‘Keyboard selection’
  5. Then under ‘Select keyboards for text input’ un-tick all non-english languages EXCEPT English.

Problem resolved!

Language Screen

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