Week 19

This week was a mixed bag of different activity with the biggest excitement meeting three groups of students from the University of Bristol.
I kicked off the week attending Digital Bristol workshop at the Colston Hall for the morning sessions. We got to hear from local business such as Aardman animations who are working with Rolls-royce to see how Aardman ‘bottle’ creativity. Taking 15 years to produce a new engine is too long! We heard from local funding pots about the various flavours of borrowing and grant available. After the kickoff session I sat in on the ‘playable City’ strand to hear from the Watershed, Council and ibm about projects they have been doing to get the public involved. I made a comment about strangers not wanting to play with other complete strangers but rather the people they are with, which most folk didn’t agree with.
A service wide review of our current budget position took a large amount of my energy carrying on from the previous week. Enough said.
I met with the retail manager to explore our online shop options including ebay and amazon as options. I vaguely recall a few museums selling via these channels so will be doing a bit more discovery around this. Get to the people without re-inventing the wheel was the general vibe.
I completed my final Health and safety workshop
I attended an evening ‘debate’ about profit in the heritage sector. It was less of a debate and more storytelling from the speakers. A few useful views were made by the audience.
We will be showing an exhibition next October called ‘Moved by Conflict’ at the M Shed Museum around World War 1 and the involvement of people from Bristol. I got to sit with one of our in-house designers to see how these get planned and executed. I will be exploring the digital engagement aspect and had to submit some thoughts. We’ll be looking at sensors, RFID, motion tracking and displaying stories in new ways for the service rather than passive projection and iPads.
I saw some great work by our collection team who are working on migration of data from an old system to our collections management system.
Heard about an idea for crowd funding.
During a meeting with two different UWE factions I mentioned my 2014 idea for ‘bringing the museum out into the City’ which was very positively received. I MUST put these ideas on the blog as I think this thread of an idea has legs.
I have been on call to support the 3 day MuseomixUK event up at Iron bridge, thought the one time I could of been of use I didn’t have my laptop with me!
Cleared up some confusion around our intentions for a website plan for 2014. If anybody can point to helpful material on ‘cases for museums to have their own non-council website’ that would be most welcome.
My personal highlight of the week was meeting three groups of students who will each be producing a digital outcome for the service. Each group is from the University of Bristol Computer Science department on their second year and working with us as part of their course. I canvassed the service for problems that needed solving and three were selected. The kickoff meetings went well and I have great hopes for the outcomes in due course. Partnership working that is working!
Stepped on a few toes…

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