My reading list for 2013

Another year, another list of the long form books I have read. 2013 is the first year that I have my own personal Kindle (dedicated digital book reader for anybody reading this after about 2015) and it will be interesting to see if I get more read and also “where” I read. I also have a stack of print books that could see me through the next couple of years.

  1. Chimero, Frank. The Shape of Design. 2012  [kindle] – finished 5th January
  2. Bjarnason, Baldur. Knights & Necromancers 2: Loot, kill, obey. 2012 [kindle]  – finished 9th January
  3. Stephenson, Neal. Reamde. 2012 [kindle] – finished 29th  January on London underground
  4. J-Zone. Root for the villain. Rap, bullshit, and a celebration of failure. Cambria Heights, NY, Old Maid Entertainment, 2011. [kindle] – finished 4th February at home
  5. Kawasaki and Welch. APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book, 2013 [kindle] – finished 15th March
  6. The Standardistas. The Craft of Words. Five Simple Steps Publishing Ltd, 2013 [Kindle] – finished 15th March
  7. Wurz, Julia. SuperEgo. 2013 [kindle] – finished  12th April
  8. Guillebeau, Chris. The $100 Startup. 2012 – finished 1st June
  9. Ries, Eric. The Lean Startup. 2011  [paperback] – finished 11th August
  10. deWitt, Patrick. The Sisters Brothers. 2011 [paperback] – finished 15th August
  11. Hammersley, Ben. Now for then – how to face the digital future without fear. 2013 [kindle] – finished 17th September in Bordeaux France.
  12. Allen, David. Getting Things Done. 2002 [Kindle] – finished 30th October


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