The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Doug Belshaw has just announced that he is writing an ebook over the course of this year titled “The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies“.

What are you expecting from this book?
– from the purchasing page

Digital Literacies is one of the hot topics at the moment and as there isn’t much in the way of guidance out there, capturing the essentials in a book is a good idea. I have some understanding of the topic of course but am always happy to have my views better informed. I want examples I can refer to and ideas to challenge me/us.

I like the open approach to the writing and self-publishing model, and I am particularly interested in how the book will be created technically – hopefully Doug will touch on this subject in posts to come. I hope it comes as an Epub too.

Doug is a great guy and when they say you should be in a room with folk that you can learn from, Doug is one such person I am happy to chop it up with.

The initial releases will be spread across the year and it only costs £1 at present so go and get your copy.

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