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Today I launched a new website The Right Year for Children, which is part of a year-long campaign to highlight children’s rights in England.

I was approached by the committee as I have previously worked with one of their members. The campaign involves a coalition of children’s charities (Save the Children, UNICEF, CRAE, Action for Children and many more) but they had no funding….so I agreed to the work for two reasons: firstly, donating my time and skills for a good cause is something I try to do at least once a year and secondly, at my day job we get 1 day per year to volunteer for a charitable cause.

So the challenge was to plan, design and build a site in one day which is the kind of mountain I enjoy climbing. Including talking with the campaign team, building the html/css and fighting with WordPress, I think the whole project came together nicely in the 1 day I was afforded. It is worth noting that the budget and time constraints meant that while a bunch of stuff wasn’t possible in the time we had, these restrictions also greatly helped speed the project up as it decided some aspects for us.

I have given myself the task earlier in the year to get to grips with WordPress  and this project has helped me identity some sticking points with the CMS platform that I can tackle in the new year.

So I hope the site is well received and if I can find the time will try and make it responsive to mobile devices….

The Right Year for Children

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