Look at the wheels!

Bike up on the stand in the garage

I just got a new set of tyres for the bike and my impression after a mere 6 miles is that it now feels like a completely different bike.

This is the first time that I have had new tyres on the same bike, as I traded the last bike before they were too gone.

The steering immediately felt different, initially I am putting this down to having the correct tyre pressure! There is def increased height at the front now which I wasn’t used to and couldn’t get a feeling in roundabouts but the last mile felt comfy.

I inherited a square rear tyre (caused by lack of turning and mainly motorway miles says the fitter) which always made leaning strange when hitting the edge of the tyre.  Under acceleration I can feel the improvement to grip (experts may laugh at this notion) as the bike was quicker through the first two gears.

I am amazed at just how different the bike feels already and will be assuming fresh tyres is a good thing!

I got a set of Avon Storm ST ultra’s (£252.93 with fitting) from Protyre Bristol based on what a few of the BAM guys recommended.

How long will they last? note to self, you are on 21K the day they were fitted.

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