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Week 72 at work

Looking like a busy run through to the new year. This week I:

  • Briefed our front of house staff about what’s new in the service – ibeacons, wifi and training
  • Kicked off our Hogarth exhibition digital ideas
  • Interviewed for an internal post
  • Attended day two of the BCC leadership course
  • Took some time to review ideas for digital on-site
  • Management team meeting
  • Wrote the workshop i’ll be running next week and then hopefully on a regular basis
  • Adjusted by calendar so block out the entire afternoon each day for 2015 in an effort to hold meetings to the morning
Museums, Notes

Week 71 at work

Boo hiss to the end of work always being dark i say. This week was fun as I blocked whole days for one activity:

  • Reviewed sprint 4 of our Hidden Museum project at Aardman office
  • Attended day one of Bristol City Council leadership and management course. I STILL don’t like to call people resources
  • Service wide meeting in which the network went down
  • Management team project sign off meeting. We moved to using my project proposal template as a way to initially document and judge all projects. Nobody likes forms but I don’t like saying no so this is your best shot to avoid that
  • Discussed a programme of work called ‘Our museum’
  • Reviewed plans for improving the birds and mammals gallery
  • Agreed next steps for the learning team’s web resources
  • Attended #drinkingaboutmuseums on the river Thames Thursday evening
  • Attended UKMW14 at the Natural History Museum
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Week 70 at work

Good week.

  • Did an overview with Lauren about how we use digital tools to help us work together as a team
  • Reviewed an idea about using online training for embedding Our Museum and decided to focus elsewhere – i’ve seen so many online communities die I had other suggestions
  • Management meeting
  • Waved farewell to Kerrie who now goes on maternity leave
  • Met our first group taking part in our Student as Producer programme for 2014/15 in which they’ll be seeing if they can build a way to count people into each gallery using sensors and visualise in fun ways
  • Attended 300 seconds to hear new speakers
  • Contributed to Arts Council England digital reference group
  • Learnt how to conduct an exit survey¬†with Fay at the helm
  • Interviewed for my own job which I got whoop which now officially makes me Head of Digital
  • Alistair Reid, our new Service Director did a good meet and group with us
  • Spoke at Smarter rather than harder: Getting digital to deliver at RAMM – great event



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Week 69 at work

Lots of bouncing around our sites this week:

  • Supported the filming by University of Bristol on their MOOC course in our Moved by Conflict exhibition
  • Reviewed the potential to take on 80by18 with Keri Facer
  • Agreed how we would run the evaluation for Ahead of the Curve exhibition for ourselves and partners
  • Met with the film office who will fall within my management remit by the end of the month
  • Agreed with our catering and venue hire partner Compass to retire their sites and move to running through our website
  • Welcomed Lauren who is our maternity cover Marketing and Comms Officer
  • Kick off workshop for Death exhibition in 2015
  • Trained Zahid about using our new CMS for the website – due to its ease this was quick
  • Outlined the next steps for our BECC film archive
  • Attend the opening for our Ming Vase exhibition and chopped it up with Maria Bojanowska from the British Museum
  • Welcomed President Tan of Singapore to M Shed
  • Reviewed active service requests with Phil from public programming
  • Did lots of paperwork

Next week i’ll be speaking in Exeter at Working Smarter not harder about websites, reviewing our Hidden Museum progress, being in the crowd for 300 seconds and hoping getting some digital stuff actually done

Museums, Notes

Week 68 at Work

Bit late but:

  • Talk with the Arts, events and film team as part of their planning meeting
  • Workshop with local arts partners and the Audience agency about the new audience fidner tools and gathering audience data.
  • Agreed to use M Shed for a University of Bristol MOOC
  • Tour of CRT exit survey kiosks
  • Reviewed the planned work for the Bristol Birds and Mammals gallery
  • Catch up with head of learning
  • Management team
  • Reviewed team progress on their 6 month intervals
  • Reviewed plans for our Death exhibition