Week 84 at work

Ice or no ice i’m biking to work people so I could:

  • Waved farewell to our retail manager Ollie Rees
  • Did several staff briefings for our visitor assistants about website phase two
  • Enjoyed coffee with Bonnie who works in strategic planning to learn more about both of our areas
  • Interviewed and recruited to one of our vacant retail assistant posts – well done Nicky
  • Took part in the first of many sessions about our service ‘vision’ and 10 year ambitions – survive and thrive
  • Finances, finances and more finances
  • Telephone interview with Museums Journal about our use of Tripadvisor for an upcoming edition
  • Gave my ‘first thoughts’ to my direct reports in our transformation wing of the service
  • Gave Laura the low down on our statistic collection
  • 1 to 1 session with marketing
  • Sat in on our website phase two session dealing with improving our venue hire
  • Literally pulled the doors open for the relaunch of our Gallery four refurbishment
  • My copy of The Really useful edtech book arrived through the post – exciting
  • Played with our prototype hidden museum game for the first time

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